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Serotta Ottrott SE:

Ottrott SE represents Serotta alchemy perfected.  Taking everything we’ve learned about optimizing the use of carbon, titanium and cycle-dynamics, the Ottrott showcases each to its greatest advantage delivering a performance that is as spectacular as it is unique.

Multi-modulus, Torsion Core, rider tuned Carbon from Serotta Composites works to maximize power transfer by minimizing  the effects of torsional loading when you really stomp on the pedals.  Serotta carbon is also engineered to reduce road vibration that can cause fatigue while the patented ‘ST’ stays provide high speed maneuverability that can’t be matched by any other road bike.

To top it off, the Ottrott SE reflects our heritage of craftsmanship sporting our Master-cut styled lug profiles where the carbon and titanium are joined.  Yes, there are Ottrott copycats…but beneath the surface there is only one bike that is this confidence inspiring to ride and this gorgeous to behold.  The Ottrott SE.    Name on top tube and head badge included. DI2 Internal available upon request.

Serotta 29er TI MAX:

Serotta, the manufacturer of high performance, custom bicycles for over 38 years, introduces a custom 29er mountain bike. Serotta previewed the new “Built Ford Tough” 29er, featuring full titanium construction and a custom Ford finish, at September’s Interbike show in Las Vegas. The Ford 29er offers a sneak-peak at the production 29er mountain bike that Serotta will launch in early 2011.

The “Built Ford Tough” custom 29′er hard tail pays homage to Ford’s legendary truck building prowess. Throughout 2010, Serotta has been fortunate to help launch the FORD Transit Connect van to the US market as it is home to the Serotta Mobile Fit Lab, a travelling custom bike fit workshop that has crossed the country several times this year with stops at local events, and shows along the way.

“Ford has been a great corporate partner for Serotta and we’ve been thoroughly impressed by the versatility and functionality of the Transit Connect,” states Serotta president, Stan Mavis. “We thought building a custom Ford 29er mountain bike was a great opportunity to say thanks for Ford’s support and offer a preview of what’s to come from Serotta.”

In 2011, Serotta will introduce a line of 29er hardtail mountain bikes, featuring both titanium and carbon composite frames. Serotta first started building mountain or “trail bikes” as they were originally called, in the early eighties. The new Serotta 29er will carry forward Serotta’s focus on functional simplicity and proven, lasting designs.

Serotta Ottrott GS:

Ottrott GS.  It took 6 years of development to build the first Ottrott, finding that perfect alchemy between titanium and carbon fiber technologies. The Serotta Composites Colorado Concept Carbon main tubes deliver a level of drive-train response that is extraordinary while over-all the Ottrott almost glides with a mysterious level of comfort.

Greater than the sum of its parts, the secret is within the engineering of these two exotic materials by optimizing the full benefits of Serotta’s unmatched manufacturing vertical integration capabilities.  The Ottrott is Zen cycling.  Beauty meets exhilaration meets power meets tranquility, the Ottrott just makes you want to ride.

Serotta Classique TI:

The Classique TI is like a phenomenal bottle of surprisingly affordable wine. At a glance it may look like other titanium bikes but beneath the surface is the spirit of Serotta.  It’s simple, yet mysteriously complex, bringing out the best subtlties that the US sourced, Serotta engineered titanium has to offer. The Classique delivers a remarkably spirited ride yet is resilient and pleasingly smooth.  Because its all titanium, its also ideal for free-spirited rides in tougher conditions like the occasional dirt and gravel road or travel because with titanium, corrosion need not be in your vocabulary.  It lasts forever.

Naked Bicycles:
Yes it’s True! We use Titanium too! – Ti road bike with carbon rear triangle: