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Serotta NAHBS Update:

The finishing touches have been done on the Serotta line-up for NAHBS. This year we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of our partnership with Columbus and the birth of Colorado Concept Tubing. Ben and Columbus will be speaking on Sunday February 27th at 1:45 PM Serotta and Columbus, Steel Crazy after all these years….25 years of collaboration in the planet’s most noble material.

As part of our display and to pay homage to the successful relationship with Columbus, we will include a few of the incredible heritage bikes; which include a “Coors Aloha Colorado” from when the Coors Classic started in Hawaii. These are perfect examples of the attention to detail which has made Serotta a virtual “dream ride” ride-after-ride and year-after-year. We will also debut the first of twenty-five of the limited edition series VentCinque to further honor the birth of Colorado Concept Tubing and show case our material choices in steel, titanium and carbon fiber. See you in Austin! (Or follow us in all the show coverage….)

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