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Serotta MeiVici SE:
You’re right. This does not look like most of the bikes in the pro peloton. That’s because singular focus of the MeiVici is performance. There simply is no other carbon bike on the road that offers the same degree of individualized performance engineering as the SE. Our industry-leading carbon fiber optimization technology built into our revolutionary, rider-specific Torsion Core™, Colorado Concept platform allows us to dial up drive-train stiffness as far as specified without sacrificing in vertical compliance and vibration damping properties. Other bikes may make you look more like a pro, but hands down, no bike while make you ride more like a pro than the MeiVici SE.
Like every Serotta, the MeiVici SE is fully crafted from the ground up in our US facilities
Name on top tube and head badge included. DI2 Internal on request.
In addition, this one belongs to Serotta Director of Sales, Steve Fairchild and pays homage to all those that are fighting the good fight against cancer. Special SRAM Tour De France kit and soft clear matte finish.
Serotta Ottrott SE:

Ottrott SE represents Serotta alchemy perfected.  Taking everything we’ve learned about optimizing the use of carbon, titanium and cycle-dynamics, the Ottrott showcases each to its greatest advantage delivering a performance that is as spectacular as it is unique.

Multi-modulus, Torsion Core, rider tuned Carbon from Serotta Composites works to maximize power transfer by minimizing  the effects of torsional loading when you really stomp on the pedals.  Serotta carbon is also engineered to reduce road vibration that can cause fatigue while the patented ‘ST’ stays provide high speed maneuverability that can’t be matched by any other road bike.

To top it off, the Ottrott SE reflects our heritage of craftsmanship sporting our Master-cut styled lug profiles where the carbon and titanium are joined.  Yes, there are Ottrott copycats…but beneath the surface there is only one bike that is this confidence inspiring to ride and this gorgeous to behold.  The Ottrott SE.    Name on top tube and head badge included. DI2 Internal available upon request.

Serotta HSG SuperComp:
New for 2011, the HSG SuperComp is simply a cut above the competition. No detail is overlooked including the light yet rugged anti-galling titanium rear drop outs in creating this hard-core race machine for the real world. Sure, with our new finish options these bikes look faster than ever, but what’s more important is that Serotta Composites engineering designs and produces these bikes to go fast and be ridden hard, again and again, race after race, season after season. The HSG Custom combines full customization with the innovation of Serotta’s industry-leading carbon fiber technology. Rider-specific Torsion Core Colorado Concept tubing platform and multi-modulus (MML) construction allows Serotta engineers to optimize drive-train stiffness while minimizing vibration induced fatigue. The HSG SuperComp. Built to last, engineered to win.

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