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Naked Bicycles:
Stainless Steel Stikes Again:

Full Reynolds 953 stainless lugged frame featuring Naked stainless Boomerang dropouts and  hints of classic colour.

Naked Bicycles:
Coffee Cruiser:

After the success of NAHBS in 2008, we were approached by Shimano Canada to build them a bike to show off their City Group; Alfine. We were given a blank slate, as long as it was white! The bike features Wrought Iron work by Naked Bicycles super slave, Garnet Kehn. Oh yeah, he was sixteen at the time he made these……… Look what you can do when you don’t own a TV!

Naked Bicycles:
Strawberry Shortcake Full Tour with Rohloff:

Here’s a little number built up for touring.  It features matching painted fenders, steel frame, Rohloff hub, couplers and Naked boomerang dropouts.  So far it’s travelled over 6000 km.  Not too bad for a pastry.

Naked Bicycles:
If Batman Rode a Bike….the Stainless Stealth Globetrotter:

She’s stealthy, she’s functional, she’s going to remote places and everything in between.   This understated kitted out global adventure bike has been on grand touring expeditions including off-roading in Nepal. Lots of great components on this stainless steel bike, all painted black to reduce chance of theft. S and S couplers with bicycle tubes as covers to make the bike less showy. Rohloff 14 speed hub and custom stem with nub for Rohloff shifter.

Naked Bicycles:
Rivercity bike – crazy custom features!:

This bike sports many unique details. The handlebars are fully integrated with bars, stem, steerer tube and headlight. This means that the top is very clean. The headset is actually upside down from the usual and the clamps and top cap are on the fork crown. All the lug work is built from scratch including the seatmast and mini seatpost.   The original carbon fibre is included in some of the details including wooden grips, pedals and rims.  Sam laced the rims to som King single speed disc hubs. These hubs have room for three cogs so in truth this bike is a 3-speed! We polished up an old Nouvo Record rear derailleur  and paired it with an integrated shifter on the handlebar. The rear fender is based on the simple “crap flap”. It is custom formed from stainless tubing. It has a built in vibration activated tail light. It has an inner tube stretched over the basic frame to complete the fender. For more pictures of this bike check out: