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Naked Bicycles:
Stainless Steel Stikes Again:

Full Reynolds 953 stainless lugged frame featuring Naked stainless Boomerang dropouts and  hints of classic colour.

Naked Bicycles:
It’s Handlebar Montage time!:

Here at Naked, we make a lot of handcrafted bars. From track sprint bars to chromed spoke shave bars to time trial bars. This is a montage, if you will, of some of the handlebars we have crafted.

Naked Bicycles:
Meet Mary Jane – all mountain bike:

Made for happy riding on BC trails, here’s a full suspension all mountain bike with Ventana rear end and 5″ of travel.

Naked Bicycles:
Super-quill Randonneur:

Modern performance light touring machine with time-tested style and randonneuring grace. Handmade stainless steel racks front and rear.  For more pictures, check out our flicker page at:

Naked Bicycles:
Naked Globetrotter – heavy duty touring:

Full Naked global adventure touring bike with S & S couplers and Rohloff hub, complete with stainless steel full polish lugs for Bryan who had plans of riding this bike across Canada from coast to coast.  That’s over 8500 km’s or riding!  Well, he did it and here’s his account. Congratulations Bryan!! If you want to check out his blog of the trip go to: