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Yipsan Bicycles:
700c road sport:

This bike was shown at NAHBS Portland and served as my personal bike until this past summer. Llewellyn compact lugset and dropouts.

Naked Bicycles:
Naked Globetrotter – heavy duty touring:

Full Naked global adventure touring bike with S & S couplers and Rohloff hub, complete with stainless steel full polish lugs for Bryan who had plans of riding this bike across Canada from coast to coast.  That’s over 8500 km’s or riding!  Well, he did it and here’s his account. Congratulations Bryan!! If you want to check out his blog of the trip go to:

Yipsan Bicycles:
650b randonneur:

650b randonneur with integrated fender, handmade stem with integrated bell mount and cable hanger. Rack mounts are ready for that long day of riding.

Yipsan Bicycles:
Firecracker fixed gear:

The Firecracker was conceived as a celebration to Chinese New Year  during NAHBS Portland. Show time that year happens to start on the second day of Chinese New Year and firecrackers are fired during this time of year to celebrate the beginning of a new year and to rid of negative Chi.

Firecrackers come originally from bamboos being heated and as the air inside the hollow segment expand, it finally explode and split the bamboo making a loud pop sound. It is used only for ceremonies.

The nature of firecracker parallels a fixed gear bicycle in the way of its explosiveness, simplicity and pure celebration to its event.

Yipsan Bicycles:
Thomas’ road:

Another full on combo of frame, fork, stem and seatpost. All hand made and painted to match.