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Groovy Cycleworks:
S&S Coupled Bigwheel:

This custom 29er was built to be the ultimate every day trail bike.  Built of a mix of air hardened steel tubing, this Bigwheel utilizes S&S couplers to allow for ease of travel, a Rohloff drivetrain with custom cable routing for quick breakdown, and a Luv Handle and suspension corrected custom unicrown fork.  Finish it off with a bit of flash for a paint job and you’ve got one dead sexy trail machine.

Calfee Design:
Calfee Tetra Pro:

The Tetra tube set and single, road frame was originally designed in 1987 and has been thoughtfully refined to its current incarnation over the last 23 years. As the oldest continuously produced model of carbon fiber bicycle frame in the world, it has evolved to a state of perfection and value unmatched by any other frame.

Even bicycle enthusiasts and industry insiders are surprised to learn that Tetra was invented back in 1987 and only four years later was being ridden by Greg LeMond and his Team Z teammates in the world’s most important cycling event, the Tour de France.  Greg wore the leader’s Yellow Jersey aboard our Tetra, then less than five years old.  Today, nearly 20 years later, Tetra tubing and bicycle frames have been continually optimized; sharpened by improvements in raw materials, manufacturing processes and advantageous frame options.

With the Tetra frames, we saturate carbon fabric with epoxy, then laminate it at 210 p.s.i. and fuse it to pre-mitered carbon tubes using metal dies.  Molded in one layup, the resulting joints have long tapered transitions from one tube to the next, following the stresses evenly.  This manufacturing process seamlessly marries our tension filament wound carbon tubing resulting in a frame without molded lugs.  Fatigue life for these fiber reinforced joints is appreciably longer than that of adhesive bonds and, coupled with the tubing itself, is grounds for the Tetra’s 25 year warranty.

The Tetra tubes were designed to have the optimum stiffness to weight ratio and also have a thick enough wall to be impact tolerant.  The 42 and 55 msi modulus fiber is strong and very stiff but not too brittle.  Given this durability, we’re happy to offer our Tetra tubing in off-road and travel frame configurations.

Zanconato Custom Cycles:
Zanconato S&S Road:
Naked Bicycles:
Strawberry Shortcake Full Tour with Rohloff:

Here’s a little number built up for touring.  It features matching painted fenders, steel frame, Rohloff hub, couplers and Naked boomerang dropouts.  So far it’s travelled over 6000 km.  Not too bad for a pastry.

Naked Bicycles:
This One Goes to 11…featherlight steel custom blend making one very light machine:

Here’s a light little number coming in at 16lbs fully built. It features gear like stainless S and S couplers, an Erickson seatpost, Industry Nine wheelset and Campy Record 11 component group.  The “brushed” paint look is actually foliage native to Quadra Island used as stencils.