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After the success of NAHBS in 2008, we were approached by Shimano Canada to build them a bike to show off their City Group; Alfine. We were given a blank slate, as long as it was white! The bike features Wrought Iron work by Naked Bicycles super slave, Garnet Kehn. Oh yeah, he was sixteen at the time he made these……… Look what you can do when you don’t own a TV!

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Engin NAHBS ’10 City:
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Cross Beltway:

I originally built this frame to lab test with friends from George Washington University (mind the gaffer’s tape). The frame is built to the geometry of my Surly Cross Check. Using motion and biometric analysis we’re comparing the flexibility and performance of my bamboo frame with my steel frame. I took the parts off my steel frame to reduce the number of variables, but I liked this bike so much that my poor steel frame is still waiting six months later to get its wheels back. The joints are no-frills™ carbon fiber. The rear drop-outs, head tube, seat tube sleeve, bottom bracket shell, brake bridge, and cable stops are all titanium.

Co-Motion Cycles:
Co-Motion CityView:

Integrate cycling into more of your life. The Cityview’s Shimano Alfine hub and Gates Carbon Drive belt keep your commute and your errands clean and hassle-free. Equipped to accept your favorite fenders and racks, the Cityview may just change your life.

Self-locking eccentric bottom bracket for simple, clean drive belt adjustment.
8-speed internally-geared hub means sleek, derailleur-free riding with superb gearing range (11-speed option available December 2010)
Dual disc brakes for excellent safety and control
Civilized and upright body positioning helps you arrive relaxed and fully charged

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Sunflower City Bike:

650B, internal gear hub, hidden cables, flower motif front rack platform with U-lock holder and integrated front and rear light.