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Engin Cycles:
Engin Cirque du Cyclisme ’09 City Bike:

Best City/Utility 2009 Cirque du Cyclisme

Naked Bicycles:
The Mule – Cargo Bike:

This is a prototype bike affectionately called “The mule”. It can carry heavy loads of baguettes and wine while racing professional cyclists UPHILL and… winning.  The secret? It’s got a Bionix rear hub.  The bike has a built in rear rack made to accommodate xtracycle rear panniers.   The rear wheel is 20″ to lower the centre of gravity for cargo hauling.

Naked Bicycles:
Coffee Cruiser:

After the success of NAHBS in 2008, we were approached by Shimano Canada to build them a bike to show off their City Group; Alfine. We were given a blank slate, as long as it was white! The bike features Wrought Iron work by Naked Bicycles super slave, Garnet Kehn. Oh yeah, he was sixteen at the time he made these……… Look what you can do when you don’t own a TV!

Threepenny Bikes:
Mt P. Cruiser:

Naomi likes step-through frames, which gave me the chance to experiment a bit. The joints are carbon fiber with gold leaf trim. The head tube, bottom bracket shell, rear dropouts, brake bridge, and cable stops are all titanium. The handle bar grips are elk leather with cork bar ends. The bike also features an 8-speed internally geared hub, a pretty 1/8 inch chain, and a brass bell.

Violet Crown:
Violet Crown Cycles: