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KirkLee Bicycles:
KirkLee Custom 650: Di2 & Lightweights:

How does KirkLee top a 20-inch bike? Build a 650c bike Shimano Di2 Dura Ace and Lightweight wheels. This bike was built for speed coming in at 12 lbs. Special attention was paid to allow for easy shifting while racing utilizing Di2 button shifters on the handlebar top. It’s always a fun challenge to build unique bikes like this one.

KirkLee Bicycles:
KirkLee Frost:

Less is more was the theme for this bike. The logos you see here are frosted into the clear with no actual color applied; only a change in texture. The logos completely disappear when the bike gets wet. The carbon lay-ups are brought farther down the chain stays for added stiffness.

When asking the owner about his new frame he said, “It is the first new bike I have ever bought that I could tell it was mine the second I threw a leg over it.”

KirkLee Bicycles:
KirkLee Wood:

A KirkLee custom with a twist. Along with all the attributes that make a KirkLee this one was painted to simulate raw mahogany. The KirkLee logos are burned into the wood with a branding iron and stain was applied which consisted of candy brown with a bit of tangerine. Although it is hard to believe, yes the bike is 100% carbon fiber.

Calfee Design:
Calfee Dragonfly Pro Di2 Internal Integration – pearl white:

This Dragonfly Pro, outfitted with Calfee’s proprietary internal Di2 solution and a full-carbon BarStem, was built for a cyclist in Texas.  We hope to squeeze it into our booth at NAHBS.  This bicycle, with it numerous innovations and striking finish, is a stirring example of our carbon craftsmanship.

Serotta MeiVici SE:
You’re right. This does not look like most of the bikes in the pro peloton. That’s because singular focus of the MeiVici is performance. There simply is no other carbon bike on the road that offers the same degree of individualized performance engineering as the SE. Our industry-leading carbon fiber optimization technology built into our revolutionary, rider-specific Torsion Core™, Colorado Concept platform allows us to dial up drive-train stiffness as far as specified without sacrificing in vertical compliance and vibration damping properties. Other bikes may make you look more like a pro, but hands down, no bike while make you ride more like a pro than the MeiVici SE.
Like every Serotta, the MeiVici SE is fully crafted from the ground up in our US facilities
Name on top tube and head badge included. DI2 Internal on request.
In addition, this one belongs to Serotta Director of Sales, Steve Fairchild and pays homage to all those that are fighting the good fight against cancer. Special SRAM Tour De France kit and soft clear matte finish.