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2011 Exhibitor News:
Shamrock Cycles:
Shamrock Cycles 953 stainless:

Reynolds 953 and KVA stainless mix.

Shamrock Cycles:
Shamrock Cycles 650 FS:

Ventana 5″ rear assembly for 650b.

Bamboo bike stands:

Bamboosero’s bamboo bike stands built in Ghana have huge potential. It’s another product for export – a source of revenue for fledgling businesses and their employees in developing economies. Always a hit at the expos – the stands add class-with-function to bicycle storage and renders obsolete the potentially disastrous wall-lean.

All the Calfee Design and Bamboosero bamboo bikes will sit on the bamboo bike stands. The stagger well for retail and expo use. This year left over stands will be available for sale to builders, retailers or the rider that wants an elegant way to store their bike in the apartment.

Legor Cicli:
Mattia Paganotti of Legor:

The Northern Italian city of Brescia is known both for its fog and artisan population.  Jackrabbits inhabit the surrounding countryside and are known as Legor in an old Brescian dialect.

Mattia Paganotti grew up in Brescia in a family full of steelworkers.  After falling in love with cycling it was natural that he was to become a frame builder.

Mattia studied the art of frame building with Gino Lissinoli who told him “An artisan is shit unless he as passed on his knowledge before retiring.”  While learning his craft at Gino’s chaotic workshop Mattia befriended the widow of Serena a historically important framebuilder who was regarded the best of his generation in Italy.  Recognizing the passion and craftsmanship in the young builder’s work she entrusted Mattia with her late husband’s entire shop of frame building tools and machines.

With a dedication to both innovate and stay true to the quality of Italy’s traditional masters the Legor brand was born.

Legor Cicli:

The first Legor to hit the streets of New York City has arrived…. Built up and ready for the long drive to Austin.

photos by: Doug Takeshi Wolfe