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Calfee Design:
Calfee Di2 Internal Battery and Wiring System:

Calfee Di2 Internal Battery and Wiring System

Calfee Design is now offering an elegant solution for the impressive Shimano Di2 electronic shifting system.  This proprietary internal battery and wiring system is available on all Calfee models and also as a retrofit on most carbon frames.

This product has already generated tremendous excitement in the cycling public, the cycling press and even among framebuilders; please consider the very recent evaluations by and VeloNews (including a video).

The innovation starts with a custom battery system housed inside the seatpost.  This solution is lighter and longer lasting, and eliminates the need for cable ties, adhesives and external mounts. To achieve fully internal routing for the electronic shift cables, Calfee makes the necessary modifications to the wiring harness, battery, seat post and frame.

Installed in your seatpost, the battery, charger and the modified internal wiring harness retails for $270; installed in a Calfee, the complete system retails for $500; installed in your carbon frame (non-Calfee), the complete system starts at $500 (more information below).

To charge, simply remove the seat post and plug in the provided charger to the base of the seat post. This eliminates the bulkier, externally mounted battery. Cables from the battery run down the seat tube where they split at the bottom bracket shell to the shifters and derailleurs.

Calfee Design has extensive experience repairing carbon fiber frames. This is critical in building/retrofitting carbon frames not necessarily designed for internal routing. Calfee amends the frame as needed, including the creation of access holes, at no detriment to the structural integrity of the frame. Proper repair and reinforcement is imperative to preserve ride quality and guarantee strength of the frame after the required changes have been made to the original structure.

Frames retrofitted to work with an internal Shimano Di2 system cannot readily be swapped between traditional shifting and electronic. However, modifications can be made in the future to remove the retrofit features and allow for traditional cables.

Currently, any make or model of carbon fiber frame is eligible for Calfee’s Di2 retrofit. Internal routing for SRM power meters is also available. There may be a few frames that are not compatible with an internal Di2 system, though none have been identified at this time. The retrofit package is priced to start at $500. Pricing includes the custom battery pack, an installed wiring harness and basic paint touch-ups. The process requires approximately 5 weeks for completion.

Serotta NAHBS Update:

The finishing touches have been done on the Serotta line-up for NAHBS. This year we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of our partnership with Columbus and the birth of Colorado Concept Tubing. Ben and Columbus will be speaking on Sunday February 27th at 1:45 PM Serotta and Columbus, Steel Crazy after all these years….25 years of collaboration in the planet’s most noble material.

As part of our display and to pay homage to the successful relationship with Columbus, we will include a few of the incredible heritage bikes; which include a “Coors Aloha Colorado” from when the Coors Classic started in Hawaii. These are perfect examples of the attention to detail which has made Serotta a virtual “dream ride” ride-after-ride and year-after-year. We will also debut the first of twenty-five of the limited edition series VentCinque to further honor the birth of Colorado Concept Tubing and show case our material choices in steel, titanium and carbon fiber. See you in Austin! (Or follow us in all the show coverage….)

Shamrock Cycles:
Shamrock Cycles Galway 29er:

A pure race bike.

Shamrock Cycles:
Shamrock Cycles Crossover:

Monster Cross.  Disc brake road bike.  Drop bar mountain bike.  Call it anything you want, I call it a hoot to ride.

Shamrock Cycles:
Shamrock Cycles Celtic Cross:

Don’t let the fenders and racks fool you.  This is a ready to race bike.  Fenders are mounted to the rack and not the frame for easy removal.  Start to finish this bike can go from daily commuter to race day bike in less than five minutes.  So fast, in fact, that the fenders can stay on the bike for race day warm ups in nasty weather and then taken off right before race time.