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2011 Bikes:
Peacock Groove:
Ace of Spades:

Every couple of years I’m able to make a bike for myself and this is one that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Here’s my Ace of Spades.

Eric’s Panda:
Peacock Groove:
P. Groove’s Old Style:

This bike is a surprise for an old friend who’s helped me a few times over the years and I’ve been so excited to make this bike for him and have it at the show. One night while enjoying a few Old Style tallies at the shop he started raving about another custom 29er that he owns and I realized that he needed to get onto a Peacock Groove. Here it is Johnny!

Kirk Frameworks:
Retrotec-Inglis Cycles:
Custom Inglis Road Fillet Brazed Shimano Dura-Ace.: