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Yipsan Bicycles:

YiPsan Bicycles was conceived by Renold Yip to continuing the craft of framebuilding by single person workshop. YiPsan’s goal is to integrate modern fitting concept, frame tubing and components with traditional building skills. YiPsan bicycles are built by hand one at a time and every bicycle is unique.

Fit, ride quality and design for application are at the heart of YiPsan Bicycles. The more specific your requirements are the better the design will be. Your experience and input along the design and build process is also very important.

Renold, the sole worker of YiPsan, was raised in Hong Kong, China., obtained his bachelor of engineering in the UK and immigrated to the US since 2002. Since then, he has been working at local bike shops, building bicycles, certified as a fit specialist and enjoying living in the east coast, west coast and the rockies.

2011 Bikes:
650b All road:

650b All road with Llewellyn compact lugs and straight leg fork blades. MTB gearing with drop bar and STI shifters.

Fillet brazed 700c road sport:

This bike was built for a lady of light weight with compact angles, fillet brazed to allow a freedom in geometry design. All main tubes are 28.6mm diameter.

700c road sport:

This bike was shown at NAHBS Portland and served as my personal bike until this past summer. Llewellyn compact lugset and dropouts.

650b all road:

Go anywhere 650b wheel bike. 2.0 knobby without fender, or 38mm tires with fenders.

650b randonneur:

650b randonneur with integrated fender, handmade stem with integrated bell mount and cable hanger. Rack mounts are ready for that long day of riding.

NAHBS 09 fixed gear commuter:

Fixed gear commuter shown during NAHBS Indiannapolis.

Seatstay brazing POV in fast motion:

A quick clip of brazing a seatstay / dropout joint.

DT Lug Brazing POV – YiPsan Bicycles:

Another fast motion POV clip of brazing a DT / HT lug.

Firecracker fixed gear:

The Firecracker was conceived as a celebration to Chinese New Year  during NAHBS Portland. Show time that year happens to start on the second day of Chinese New Year and firecrackers are fired during this time of year to celebrate the beginning of a new year and to rid of negative Chi.

Firecrackers come originally from bamboos being heated and as the air inside the hollow segment expand, it finally explode and split the bamboo making a loud pop sound. It is used only for ceremonies.

The nature of firecracker parallels a fixed gear bicycle in the way of its explosiveness, simplicity and pure celebration to its event.

Fork Crown Brazing POV – YiPsan Bicycles:

Fast motion clip of brazing a fork crown to steerer.

Thomas’ road:

Another full on combo of frame, fork, stem and seatpost. All hand made and painted to match.

Chainstay brazing POV – YiPsan Bicycles:

Here is a  video of Renold brazing on a Paragon slider dropout with Fillet Pro Silver.

Rohloff randonneur / touring:

700c randonneur / touring bike for a tall fella. Integrated fender, rohloff cable routing with special shifter mount integrated on stem. Lugs are XL slanted from Llewellyn.

Anton’s Road:

The full combo: frame, fork, stem and seatpost. All hand made and painted to match.

650b MTB:

Ridgid 650B mountain bike with paragon sliders, and 29er suspension corrected fork. Room for 2.3 Neo Moto. This bike was test ridden by Mountain Flyer magazine, then shown during NAHBS 2010; and now it is a demo bike residing at The Bicycle Escape in Frederick, MD.

Singlespeed road:

Singlespeed road bike with clearance for wider tires and fenders.

Reese’s inspired all road:

All road bike with integrated front rack and fenders. Paint scheme was inspired by Reese’s butter cup.

Di2 Road bike:

Di2 integrated with Richie-issimo lug frame

650B Randonneur / Light Touring:

650B with 42mm tire for all kinds of road condition, integrated fender, light system and luggage carrying capacity. S&S couplers equipped.

Sunflower City Bike:

650B, internal gear hub, hidden cables, flower motif front rack platform with U-lock holder and integrated front and rear light.