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vulture cycles:

Hi, I am Wade Beauchamp, the Vulture.  Since 1997 I have been building sweet custom bicycle frames with an emphasis on great rides. Vulture Cycles started when the larger bike industry moved towards chaper, expendable aluminum frames.  My original reason for building frames remains the same today: bicycles are sacred, frames should ride sweet and last a long time. Throughout my frame building career I have worked as a machinist and as a welder in the aerospace industry.  Every chance I have to learn outside the bicycle industry, I take it, to hone my fabrication skills and bring new techniques to my craft. I am proud that I have created my own tools and fixtures. I can build more than just frames, forks and racks; I build relationships.

Vulture Cycles enjoys a loyal following; return customers are what I strive for. People return because their bikes ride really well and their experience with the builder is seamless. For 2011 I am excited to try new designs, process, and unparalleled customer experience. I am lucky to live in a place that is a vacation destination. If you would like to take part in the building of your  frame and explore  the Cascades in Central Oregon, ask me about my new “Build & Ride Vacation”  experience.

2011 Bikes:
on the trail:

This is why I do this.   Bikes look the coolest when they are being ridden.