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Violet Crown:

Exhibitor Profile: Violet Crown Cycles

About the company:
Violet Crown Cycles makes bikes to take you places, custom and hand built in Austin, TX. The company specializes in Dutch style city bikes and touring bikes. The design philosophy is that specific purpose bikes should be designed from the outset to fulfill that purpose. While much of the bike industry is focuses on performance and recreational bikes, Violet Crown Cycles fills the need for high quality custom bicycle designed from the ground up for the unique needs of transportation cycling. All the bikes at Violet Crown Cycles are built to provide you with a bike that is both stylish and fully functional.

About the builder:
Elliott McFadden is the builder behind the quality custom transportation bicycles of Violet Crown Cycles crafted in Austin, Texas. Elliott is passionate about cycling and passionate about using alternative transportation to help enhance one’s quality of life. He founded Austin Carshare, Texas’ first carsharing service, worked on the campaign to bring commuter rail to Austin, and is one of the editors of Austin On Two Wheels, the Online Magazine of Austin Cycling Culture. He bikes to work every day and does most of his errands by bike. Elliott studied framebuilding using the lugged steel and fillet brazed methods under master framebuilder Doug Fattic and launched Violet Crown Cycles in April 2009.

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Phone: (512) 791-9874
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Twitter: @violetcrownbike
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