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Sycip Designs:

Since 1992, We have been designing and building custom bike frames and components. Sycipís sincere commitment to customers and dedication to quality craftsmanship has won numerous industry awards and a solid reputation. The Sycip product line includes road, mountain, cross, track, single speeds, full suspension, and Java Boy and Java Girl cruisers. Materials include steel, aluminum, carbon, and titanium. Methods of construction include TIG, lugged and fillet brazing.

2011 Bikes:
Jennifer’s market Bike w/Luce Goods bags:
2010 NAHBS 29er:
Single Speed CX disc:
Double Dribble 69er:
Custom painted Diesel:
Tig Road:
Double Dribble 29er FS:
Oregon Manifest bike:
Sycip Unleaded 29er:
Sycip Cross Bike:
Sycip Java Girls:
Sycip Java Boys:
Sycip Custom Track:
Sycip Lugged Road Bike: