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Sotherland Custom Bicycles:

John Sotherland is one of the most experienced, active frame builders in the industry. Over the past 20 years John has designed and built more than 5,000 custom bicycles for some of the industry’s best-known brands: Schwinn-Paramount, Waterford and Rivendell.

Bicycles that are ridden daily by cyclists who love them.

Bicycles that are showcased in museums around the world.

Bicycles ridden by champions who have won world-class races.

And bicycles enjoyed by champions like yourself, who cherish your daily ride.

Fiercely pragmatic and exactingly precise craftsmanship, creating lifetime durability and enjoyment.

2011 Bikes:
Sotherland Wishbone Seat Stay:

This is a Paramount frame built by John with Reynolds 531SL tubing, using a handcrafted wishbone seat stay, Cinelli sloping fork crown, and Nervex lugs.  50 hours of polishing went into getting the bike ready for chroming.   This frame was one of Paramount’s 50th anniversary bikes.

Sotherland Custom Fit:

John duplicated the customer’s Masi, but corrected the frame fit to produce a more comfortable riding position using a shorter top tube.  It’s a 57 cm frame with a 54 cm top tube, and uses a custom fork rake producing great handling with no toe-clip overlap.  17 pounds, steel fork.  The Masi is now the customer’s “beater”.

Sotherland No-nonsense Daily Bike:

A daily rider, finished with clean, no nonsense touches.  Very clean lugwork and beautiful paint.

Sotherland Belt Drive:

This belt-drive bike is the second Sotherland for the owner.  John designed a clever lock-out to enable installation and maintenance of the belt drive.  A daily ride for the customer, who puts 3,000 miles a year on his bike.

Sotherland Small Woman’s Road Bike:

This bike was designed for a woman with a short torso who had broken her back in an auto accident years earlier.  She’d not been able to ride road bikes until this one.

Sotherland Clearcoated Bike:

This is John’s personal daily ride (disassembled for the show), which he clearcoated to reveal the quality of his brazing and lugwork.  The view of the bottom bracket interior shows John’s attention to detail; with the tubes mitered flush with the bottom bracket interior curve.  An area of a bike the owner will never see, but reflects quality construction nonetheless. Silver brazed Henry James dropouts.