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The Sarto Workshop has been making frames to clients’ specifications for over 30 years.  As the first company in Italy to specialize in the production of tube-to-tube carbon fiber frames, Sarto is proud that every aspect of the process is controlled in-house, from inspecting and mitering the tubes to painting the finished frame. 

 Antonio Sarto, the family patriarch and undisputed head of the shop, is eighty-two years old, but he is still the first one to arrive at the workshop each morning.  “I have been building bicycles since I was 17,” he says.  “I don’t know what else I would do if I didn’t come to work.”

Antonio Sarto, apparently inspired by his last name, which literally means “tailor,” creates frames that are fashioned specifically to each customer.  “Each rider is different, unique,” he explains.  “We make a frame as if it were a fine suit: cut and joined to the precise measurements of the customer.” He has instructed his son Enrico in the science and art of frame manufacture, and they now work together, along with a small number of long-time employees, to produce some of the most impeccable frames available.
One could be forgiven for thinking that an old-time business like this might be resistant to new-fangled technology, clinging to the old ways and materials.  However, Sarto and sons have embraced the advent of carbon fiber heartily.  Antonio says, “When the best material available was steel, we used that.  We were master brazers.  When it was clear that carbon fiber could outcompete steel, we studied how to cut tubes, join and wrap them, until we were satisfied that we could create a frame even stronger than the best steel ones.”

A Brief History

“Il Signor Antonio” began his framebuilding career in the early 1950s with his two brothers. His first two important clients were the historic Italian companies Torpado and Atala. He was the builder of the Graziella, one of the most famous and popular frames ever built in Italy. In 1959 Antonio opened his own framebilding company. By the early ’80s the company had developed into the corporation, Sarto Antonio S.p.A., with the exclusive focus became on building high end frames for companies like Pinarello and Moser. In 1992 Antonio’s son Enrico joined the company and started the transition to the production of carbon frames.

2009 marked the company’s gold anniversary; fifty years of historic frame making. Fifty years of building at the request of Bottecchia, Guerciotti, Fondriest, Alberto Masi, Scapin and Corratech. Fifty years of building for champions like Rominger, Moser, Fondriest, Simoni, Rebellin, Ugrumov, and Bartoli.  The hour record of Andrej Sosenka was conquered on a Sarto frame. Even Lance Armstrong used a Sarto frame during his short stay with Cofidis. Presently, Sarto’s frames are being ridden by top pro tour riders whose identity cannot be disclosed for the protection of the sponsoring companies whose paint jobs clothe Sarto’s frames.