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Rouleur is a bi-monthly cycling magazine. It brings together leading cycling writers and photographers to convey the essence and imagery of road racing.

Rouleur features photography and serious writing that celebrate the passion and beauty of the sport. In three years it has built a passionate and valuable readership among the most influential bike riders in the world.

Regular contributors to Rouleur include: Graeme Fife, Geoff Waugh, Johnny Green, Timm Koelln, Gerard Brown, Matt Seaton, William Fotheringham, Herbie Sykes, Jack Thurston, Julian Bray, Ben Ingham, Camille McMillan, Magnum Images and Offside. It is edited by Guy Andrews.

Rouleur is aimed at those people who, like us, are passionate about the sport, but don’t expect to see bike tests and race reports. Instead, the magazine focuses on exquisite photography and writing that really gets under the skin of the great riders and theatres of road racing.

Rouleur puts a premium on design; we print on heavy art-stock paper and we use the highest quality reproduction and printers.