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Rolf Prima:

Rolf Prima wheel systems are the perfect complement to your hand-crafted Road, Track, Commuter, Single Speed and Cyclocross bikes. At Rolf Prima, we understand the pride that goes into building and owning a custom bike because we experience the same pride in each hand-built wheel we manufacture here in Eugene, Oregon. Our team takes a personal interest in every wheel that goes out the door because we also race, train and commute on the same wheels we design and manufacture.

We also share the enthusiasm and satisfaction our customers experience when they ride their first, or tenth, set of Rolf Prima wheels. We look forward to meeting you at the 2011 North American Handmade Bicycle show, come experience the quality of a hand built wheel.

2011 Bikes:
Carbon TT85:

Carbon tubular TT85 – featuring a 85mm deep carbon rim with 10 spokes in the front and 12 spokes in the rear.