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Retrotec-Inglis Cycles:

Retrotec and Inglis Cycles is a small, one-man shop building custom and production steel bicycle frames since 1993. Curtis Inglis handcrafts his frames in the world famous Napa Valley winegrowing region. The unique terroir of the Western hillsides receive morning and bright afternoon sunshine for full ripening exposure. Overnight fog, coupled with ideal daylight sun, curate his frames to a gentle perfection, enhancing the curves of the steel tubes without losing any of their rich, full-bodied, concentrated flavors.

The dense alluvial fan soils contain centuries of history and exact moisture content needed for optimum welding conditions year round. Frames show ripe red cherry, blackberry and hints of cocoa upfront followed by raspberry, plum and Frame Saver notes throughout the long, satisfying finish. Frames enjoyable upon release but will only get better with age.

2011 Bikes:
Retrotec Step-Through:
Retrotec Classic 650B Mountain.:
Retrotec Half Road Mid Reach Shimano Brakes.:
Custom Inglis Road Fillet Brazed Shimano Dura-Ace.:
Retrotec Half Lugged Road.:
Retrotec Snow Bikes:
Retrotec Step-Through Sturmey Archer 3spd. Drum Brakes:
Retrotec Triple Touring Bike:
Inglis 26″ Custom Mountain bike:
Retrotec Half Custom Road:
Retrotec Double 29R 1X9:
Retrotec Twin Road:
Retrotec twin 26″ Bike to ride to the ballpark.:
Inglis Grocery Getter. Made this bike for my wife in 2007.:
Retrotec Twin 650B Custom:
Retrotec triple top tube 29R singlespeed:
Retrotec Twin S&S couplers Rohloff internal gearing touring bike.:
Inglis SS 29R Small with extra stand-over:
Inglis Cycles Large Tire Road/Light Touring Bike:
Inglis Cycles Custom Lugged Road:
Retrotec Triple 29er Singlespeed:
Custom Retrotec Classic Town Bike:


Retrotec Classic Road Bike: