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My name is Damon Madsen and I am Priority Cycles. I think about three things: riding bikes, designing and building my next bike, and occasionally now, my wife. We’ve been married for two years. For most of the last year, we didn’t have a refrigerator or a stove, I kept buying tube, or gas, or website fees. She must …really like bikes. Bikes have been my thing forever. I had fun racing on the local scene when there was one back in high school. And that’s where the design and build part of me came from. What I wanted in a bike was not on the market, anywhere, by anybody. Out came the hacksaw, literally. Fortunately nobody cared about my bikes for awhile, so my welds, etcetera, weren’t under scrutiny in those infantile stages of my learning. I once used a penny to replace a fuse in the shop power switch. And the walls had holes in them so if it was 15 and windy outside… I wore a coat. My resources have been meager so my Lego set has been my CAD program. It works. Just like my bikes. One fall my brother got a student loan so we bought a mill, the man asked if we were drug dealers because we paid cash. My mill came just before Fox did forks. I’ve ridden all my prototypes. I tried floating brakes, they worked, but they were overkill for what I wanted. Since 2004 my Portafortunas have donned thru axels, wow! Stiffness. Finally I don’t have to make my own, component companies are manufacturing them for the mainstream, as usual, the Walmarts are slow to accept and change. But that is not what I am, or what we are. We boutique-ers are about the real kinds of creativity, innovation, beauty, and function. And that is my priority: function. I wanted a bike that had everything, and did it well. Uphill, suspension, pedaling without bob, downhill, handling, durability. I wanted an all mountain bike with no compromise. Fifteen years later I think my Portafortuna checks those priorities off. She doesn’t have sexy computer painted logos, that doesn’t get me up the hill faster. She’s an Idaho, USA product, strong, useful, functional, my Priority.

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