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Peacock Groove:

Peacock Groove has been making one of a kind handmade bicycles since 2002. Our specialty is deep custom bicycles focused on suiting individual customers personalities and desires. Peacock Groove has built everything from the tightest geometry track bikes to our famed “shorty” 29ers; each one specifically made to meet the customers exact specifications. There is no stock Peacock Groove. Dream up the bike you want to be yours and yours alone, and get into the Groove.

2011 Bikes:
Ace of Spades:

Every couple of years I’m able to make a bike for myself and this is one that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Here’s my Ace of Spades.

P. Groove’s Old Style:

This bike is a surprise for an old friend who’s helped me a few times over the years and I’ve been so excited to make this bike for him and have it at the show. One night while enjoying a few Old Style tallies at the shop he started raving about another custom 29er that he owns and I realized that he needed to get onto a Peacock Groove. Here it is Johnny!