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Panda Bicycles got its start in the spring of 2009 with an idea for building a steel-lugged bamboo bike right in Fort Collins. With a great first year behind us we’re ready and excited for our first NAHBS appearance.

We build all our bikes in the “Green House” in Old Town Fort Collins. With extreme attention to detail from choosing the right bamboo for the bike to hand filing the lugs, in order to give our customers the top-notch bamboo bike for their everyday needs. Our customers love the smooth supple ride that our unique bikes have to offer. Whether on your daily commute, cruising to the local brewery, or crushing the pass to the west, you’ll appreciate everything Panda has to offer. Using bamboo as the primary building material results in a super strong, ultra durable frame that provides style and comfort unlike any other frame material.

Panda’s lineup includes The One, The Natural, and The Legacy.

The One” is designed to be simple and elegant; standard with a rear flip flop hub (single speed freewheel and fixed gear) for added functionality. It comes with front and rear brakes, giving you all the stopping power you need. That said, you probably won’t want to stop riding. “The One” also comes rockin’ a crowned chromoly fork and a beautiful matching chrome crankset. Every one of a kind Panda frame (and they all are) is matched with a stylish, high quality component grupo to take the hustle and bustle of your everyday commute. Enjoy…

The Natural” is a classy ride with a down-to-earth demeanor. The bamboo and steel combo yield a laid back smooth ride with complete commuter functionality. With design elements borrowed from mother nature, this bike exudes cool comfortable style with an eco-friendly touch of modern bike technology. The Natural comes with an internally geared hub, coaster brake, fenders, and a set of Schwalbes to make for a super-smooth classy ride. You will feel right at home cruising the streets of Austin, commuting to the office, or picking up veggies from the local farmers market.

The Legacy” is a beautiful performance machine that gives you comfort and style as you explore open roads, hidden valleys, and mountain passes. This light weight, touring-inspired road frame is designed to give you a smooth-as-butter ride as a function of the unique natural vibration dampening characteristics of the bamboo. At the same time it offers all of the lateral stiffness you need to stay nimble on burley climbs and rocket like descents. The Legacy was road tested on the passes of Colorado’s own Rocky Mountains, where it performed like a champ and certainly turned a few heads. A wonderful marriage of leading edge cycling technology and the highest quality natural materials, The Legacy does not fail to deliver a ride (and style) unlike anything else on the road today.

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