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Naked Bicycles:

We are a multiple award winning custom bicycle manufacturing company located on Quadra Island, BC, Canada. Since 1998, we’ve been making 100% fully custom bikes. They are designed, built and painted by our hands, one by one with love, logic and elbow grease.

The bicycle is the most remarkable thing.  We ride and work with them everyday, but they never cease to amaze us. Check out our big bike commute:

We love that a few simple tools we can create something that will take you around the velodrome in just seconds or around the world at just the right speed.  No type of bike is better than another, they all have their place. The right bike is the one that is right for you.

We are so excited to be in Austin this year! This town has played a major role in getting us off our little island and onto the mainland.

2011 Exhibitor News:
One Time Offer for NAHBS 2011:

In celebration of handmade bicycles, we are teaming up with Mellow Johnny’s on this one time offer of the Baba Ganoush Commemorative Limited Edition bicycle for NAHBS 2011.

For those of you who don’t know, the original Baba Ganoush was built in 2008 by Sam Whittingham in memory of our dear friend, Peter, whom greatly inspired us to build our passion into a business. This unique bicycle was taken to the 2008 NAHBS in Portland, Oregon. We brought it there hoping that some people may notice it and appreciate all the long hours of work and effort that go into building a handmade bicycle.  We were not expecting to take home the top 3 awards including President’s Choice, People’s Choice and Best in Show and catching the attention of Lance Armstrong who described it as “…one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, a true piece of art.”  It now resides in Austin, TX at Lance’s bike shop, Mellow Johnny’s.

Well, we are heading to Austin this February for NAHBS 2011 and wanted to do something special in honour of celebrating NAHBS and handmade bicycles.  We have resurrected the idea of a simplified and affordable version of Lance’s Baba Ganoush bike.  This bike would share many of the features and lines of the original bike, but with simplified details to keep the price down.  The bicycles will be handbuilt by Sam Whittingham, just like the original bike. There will be the same signature design elements included like eccentric rear dropouts, twin plate fork crown, curved tubes, semi-integrated seat mast and a hole in the top tube for U-lock.

All the details are shown in the drawing.  Check it out! This is a VERY LIMITED run. Talk to us or Mellow Johnny’s for more details.

Check out the Baba Ganoush here:

Here’s Lance in Mellow Johnny’s giving a shop tour featuring B. Ganoush

2011 Bikes:
Stainless Steel Stikes Again:

Full Reynolds 953 stainless lugged frame featuring Naked stainless Boomerang dropouts and  hints of classic colour.

It’s Handlebar Montage time!:

Here at Naked, we make a lot of handcrafted bars. From track sprint bars to chromed spoke shave bars to time trial bars. This is a montage, if you will, of some of the handlebars we have crafted.

Meet Mary Jane – all mountain bike:

Made for happy riding on BC trails, here’s a full suspension all mountain bike with Ventana rear end and 5″ of travel.

Super-quill Randonneur:

Modern performance light touring machine with time-tested style and randonneuring grace. Handmade stainless steel racks front and rear.  For more pictures, check out our flicker page at:

Naked Globetrotter – heavy duty touring:

Full Naked global adventure touring bike with S & S couplers and Rohloff hub, complete with stainless steel full polish lugs for Bryan who had plans of riding this bike across Canada from coast to coast.  That’s over 8500 km’s or riding!  Well, he did it and here’s his account. Congratulations Bryan!! If you want to check out his blog of the trip go to:

The Mule – Cargo Bike:

This is a prototype bike affectionately called “The mule”. It can carry heavy loads of baguettes and wine while racing professional cyclists UPHILL and… winning.  The secret? It’s got a Bionix rear hub.  The bike has a built in rear rack made to accommodate xtracycle rear panniers.   The rear wheel is 20″ to lower the centre of gravity for cargo hauling.

Coffee Cruiser:

After the success of NAHBS in 2008, we were approached by Shimano Canada to build them a bike to show off their City Group; Alfine. We were given a blank slate, as long as it was white! The bike features Wrought Iron work by Naked Bicycles super slave, Garnet Kehn. Oh yeah, he was sixteen at the time he made these……… Look what you can do when you don’t own a TV!

Blue Bayou Skinny Dippin’ Road Bike:

This bicycle we built for a dear friend.  It’s a steel road bike with couplers featuring Campy record group.  She was looking for a unique colour. Sam came up with a little bit o’ green, a little blue, a little pearl.  We had a hard time naming this colour, so we held a T-shirt contest on our facebook page and lots of GREAT ideas were put forward.  In the end, we chose two names – Blue Bayou (Blew by you) and Skinny Dip.   They fit the bike very nicely indeed.

Yes it’s True! We use Titanium too! – Ti road bike with carbon rear triangle:
Balsy Full Susser – full suspension mountain bike:

Full boinger custom mountain bike with Ventana rear end. 6 & 1/2 inches of travel front and rear. This one’s got cajones.

Strawberry Shortcake Full Tour with Rohloff:

Here’s a little number built up for touring.  It features matching painted fenders, steel frame, Rohloff hub, couplers and Naked boomerang dropouts.  So far it’s travelled over 6000 km.  Not too bad for a pastry.

This One Goes to 11…featherlight steel custom blend making one very light machine:

Here’s a light little number coming in at 16lbs fully built. It features gear like stainless S and S couplers, an Erickson seatpost, Industry Nine wheelset and Campy Record 11 component group.  The “brushed” paint look is actually foliage native to Quadra Island used as stencils.

If Batman Rode a Bike….the Stainless Stealth Globetrotter:

She’s stealthy, she’s functional, she’s going to remote places and everything in between.   This understated kitted out global adventure bike has been on grand touring expeditions including off-roading in Nepal. Lots of great components on this stainless steel bike, all painted black to reduce chance of theft. S and S couplers with bicycle tubes as covers to make the bike less showy. Rohloff 14 speed hub and custom stem with nub for Rohloff shifter.

Rivercity bike – crazy custom features!:

This bike sports many unique details. The handlebars are fully integrated with bars, stem, steerer tube and headlight. This means that the top is very clean. The headset is actually upside down from the usual and the clamps and top cap are on the fork crown. All the lug work is built from scratch including the seatmast and mini seatpost.   The original carbon fibre is included in some of the details including wooden grips, pedals and rims.  Sam laced the rims to som King single speed disc hubs. These hubs have room for three cogs so in truth this bike is a 3-speed! We polished up an old Nouvo Record rear derailleur  and paired it with an integrated shifter on the handlebar. The rear fender is based on the simple “crap flap”. It is custom formed from stainless tubing. It has a built in vibration activated tail light. It has an inner tube stretched over the basic frame to complete the fender. For more pictures of this bike check out:

The Greenmachine:

Recently we were presented with a challenging task: To build a truck bike that could haul gear, groceries, tools and kids and still be able to ride efficiently, smoothly and relatively quickly.  This is what we came up with.  Custom front rack and built in rear rack,  custom double kickstand, Rohloff hub, front generator hub, mounts for the Stokemonkey electric assist and it’s battery and console, as well as many other mounts and braze-ons for various purposes.

Nuclear Wasabi Lugged Road bike:

For those who are old enough, remember back to the 1980′s with parachute pants and big hair. Descriptive catch phrases like “barf me out”, “gag me with a spoon” and “take a chill-pill”. Here’s a lugged road bike tribute to the ’80s – nuclear wasabi.

Winter Wrangler:

A winter training beastie complete with boomerang dropouts, Velocity wheelset and Shimano Ultegra 6700 groupo.  Straight up, no fuss, winter wrangler. Everyone needs that little black dress, perfect for any occasion.  Paul, the owner of the bike, asked us to film the build. Paul edited the film and entered it into the BH Fat Tire Festival in South Dakota. He ended up winning some awards! Here’s the bike build:

Butterfly BBQ:

Sam built this single speed 29er for himself. Only two years on the shelf.  The heat mark finish is with a torch only and then a clear primer/ clear on top. Naked Eccentric dropouts with eccentric disc mounts.  Tora 100mm fork, ghetto tubeless racing ralphs come out at 2.55” with P35 rims. Nice and PHAT! King hubs of course.  For more pictures check out Flicker