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Littleford Bicycles:

Ever curious and inventive, I balance my taste for adventure with the satisfaction of creating; something useful, beautiful, enduring. Always a bicycle advocate, I find my inspiration in travel, my fulfillment in making the means.

As a seasoned and intrepid cycle tourist, I consider practicality to be a bike’s most important quality. On a self-propelled journey, especially self-supported, all but the smallest possessions are valued solely in terms of their usefulness. This rule applies to the bicycle at least as much as the tent. The bike is a means above all else- and the more effective that means, the better.  By placing priority on a design’s ease of use rather than its ease of manufacture, I strive for a perfect marriage of utility and elegance that will never be mass-produced.

I personally design, construct, hand-paint, and assemble each Littleford at my shop. This one person, one place approach affords me the additional time required for an uncompromising and integrated approach to bicycle making.  I think a beautiful and dependable bike, built for a long life of hard travel, is well worth the effort.

2011 Bikes:
Matt’s sleek & seventies all-arounder:

Matt’s commuter features modern, sloped geometry, and a 24 speed drive train, while the burnt orange paint scheme, center-pull brakes, and flash stainless fenders give it some extra vintage class. While it’s served here a la mode, the bike has both front and rear rack mounts and plenty of clearance for loaded touring when the long road calls.

Craig’s classic roadie:

This is Craig’s light and snappy sport tourer.  In order to complement his well-used vintage Campagnolo components, I went for a classic feel with old-fashioned steel road geometry and a pearly antique silver paint job. The lower bottom bracket, longer chain stays, and overlapping seat stays keep things comfortable and perfectly functional for long-hauling.

This bike was the first Littleford to feature a completely integrated rear rack. The horizontal support struts mount flush to the seat stays, discretely fastened by allen bolts from the underside of the stays. When the rack is removed  there are only two small tunnels  remaining. (Coming soon; integrated deer whistles!)

Amalia’s middle-weight mover:

Amalia needed a “little bicycle that could.”  Whether hauling a third her weight in camping gear or med school texts, smooth and solid handling under heavy loads was top priority. I took advantage of her need for shorter cranks and brought the bottom bracket way down. This not only improved ride stability, but also lowered the cargo-ready 48cm frame enough for her to stand over it while still keeping the top tube nearly horizontal,  thus reducing “frame flex” to a minimum. Both racks are custom and completely integrated, attaching directly and cleanly to the frame. Additionally  all bottle bosses, drop outs and cable stops are stainless steel. The 26 x 1.25″ wheels and smaller bars and levers keep things proportional. The end result: a pedigree pack mule, rugged as it is refined.