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Kish Fabrication:

Kish Fabrication is the work of Jim Kish of San Luis Obispo, California. Kish Fabrication encompasses the KISH brand of frames and components, as well as consulting services related to titanium fabrication.

Jim Kish is recognized as an expert in all things titanium, and teaches frame building at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo as well as United Bicycle Institute. He also provides training for current and aspiring frame builders whose needs do not fit the Cal Poly or UBI programs.

Since 1992, his main focus has been custom frame production, usually under the KISH name, but also for other high-end manufacturers. He has chosen to work primarily in titanium, building race-winning road and mountain bikes, city bikes, and anything in between. Titanium has proven to be the most durable of any frame material, and a custom fit ti frame is a lifetime investment. The very first KISH titanium frames, now nearly 20 years old, are still being enjoyed, many seeing daily use on the roads and trails.

Jim Kish is well known for meticulous attention to detail, sound design and fit techniques, and unmatched weld quality and aesthetic that only comes from years and years of practicing the craft.

2011 Bikes:
Titanium Cyclocross:

Butted titanium frame with half-and half paint and matching fork.

Titanium 24″ BMX Cruiser:

24″ wheel cruiser, there is life beyond 29ers!

Titanium frame & seat post, Cook Bros., Paul, and White Industries parts.