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Henry James Bicycles & True Temper Sports:

Henry James Bicycles is Hank and Monika Folson along with our daughter Angie and husband Chris. Our philosophy for over 30 years has been to supply American Made Bicycle Frame Parts to Custom Framebuilders. We are doing our small part to improve awareness of the advantages of custom built bicycles, and provide high quality investment cast frame parts and frame building equipment for the benefit of both builders and their customers.

Henry James is famous for our investment cast lugs, bottom bracket shells and dropouts, each part carefully made in the USA. Many of the top framebuilders use Henry James framebuilding jigs and equipment to insure that the frames they are building are straight and precise.

Henry James has also been the distributor of True Temper Steel Bicycle Tubing for the past 27 years. We carry over 130 types of tubing, allowing the custom builder the ability to provide their customers with a truly custom fit and ride.