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Hampsten Cycles:

Hampsten Cycles was founded in 1999 by ex-pro racer Andy Hampsten (founder of Cinghiale Cycling Tours) and his brother Steve, a former chef and metal fabricator. We focus on road bikes with skinny tires, fender bikes with bigger tires, and gravel road bikes using even bigger tires. In the past we relied on companies such as Moots/Kent Eriksen, Parlee, Co-Motion, Indy Fab, and a couple of others to supply us with our custom road bikes. Now we do almost everything in-house in Seattle and our focus is on steel – welded, lugged, and stainless – and titanium, both straight-gauge and butted.

We think bicycles are a hell of a lot of fun.

2011 Bikes:

Production frame from Hampsten Cycles; welded Pegorichie tubing combined with brazed steel fork. Perfect for a winter bike, commuter, gravel road-er, all sorts of fun and mayhem.

Titanio/Gran Paradiso:

Welded titanium race bike using butted 3/2.5 tubing.

Team Pro:

Classic lugged frame, uses Pegorichie tubing and may be built with your choice of skinny tires or for fenders.

Strada Bianca:

Perfect for gravel-road riding, as a fender bike, commuter, or great all-rounder.