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Custom frames with a dash of Funk, cause that’s what makes me smile ;)

I began building frames 15 years ago during the mountain biking boom, when neon paint and 3DV purple ruled the trail. I’d like to think that my skill has evolved and refined even if my penchant for bright colors and distinctive style has not. As one of the few builders who still focuses on taking a project from design to final assembly all with my own hands, I’m proud to be part of NAHBS and the professionalism it has come to be defined by.

2011 Bikes:
Jolly Rancher Bigwheel:

A custom steel 29er designed for geared/ss/rohloff use, with a custom blend of air hardened tubing choosen specifically for the rider’s anticipated use, physical attributes, and performance objectives.  Coated in a candy blend of Jolly Rancher colors with a dash of prismatic dust, it’s sure to win the hearts of furry friends on the trail.  As sweet riding as it looks :)

Shop Shots:

While the bikes are a polished finished product, the true beauty is in the shop and tools that create them.  Enjoy a few shots that look inside the creation of your cycling dreams…

Mike’s 650b Rattler:

Mike requested a unique travel bike for his world wide adventures…both in function and appearance.  The 650b wheel size was chosen for it’s superior performance for mid-sized riders and it’s ability to fit easily into the travel case with the tires on.  S&S couplers, sliding dropouts and Rohloff drivetrain round out his efficient travel design.  Spiced up with a hybrid powder/liquid paint in Rattlesnake motif and we’ve got a frame ready to strike the attention of folks worldwide.

650B Belt Drive Bomber:

Beyond the tall grasses and tattered barbed wire fence sat a fuselage of a an old WW2 bomber plane.  It’s once striking rivet strewn shell now dripping with rust stains, vivid colors faded in the sun’s rays, yet still commanding an air of respect from those that gazed upon it.  I wanted to create a bicycle that took me back to those days of yearning to jump the fence and sit within that planes cockpit.

This steel bike blends today’s technology with a finish reminicent of the old Kings of the sky.  A Gates Carbon belt drive provides silent operation.  The belt is passed through the chainstay by a SS coupler, creating a pathway that  is functional, elegant, and increases the strength of the frame member.  A painted to match White Brothers fork, is directed by a custom Luv Handle bar, lending control to the front end while the larger 650b wheels soak up the terrain.

Watch out single track, this bomber is ready to make a run.

S&S Coupled Bigwheel:

This custom 29er was built to be the ultimate every day trail bike.  Built of a mix of air hardened steel tubing, this Bigwheel utilizes S&S couplers to allow for ease of travel, a Rohloff drivetrain with custom cable routing for quick breakdown, and a Luv Handle and suspension corrected custom unicrown fork.  Finish it off with a bit of flash for a paint job and you’ve got one dead sexy trail machine.

Jeff’s Bigwheel racebike:

A straight up race frame, Jeff commissioned this bike to go fast, be light but durable, and shock folks eyeballs out of their skull.  A custom mix of heat treated steel, slider dropouts, and hand bent stays focus the performance into forward momentum.  A component mix of White Brothers magic fork, XT, thumbies, and King wheels provide a package that is simple, durable, and race oriented.  The showy leather saddle was quickly replaced for a carbon jobby that lopped off weight and comfort.  How’d it ride…fast, very fast.  Congrats to Jeff for an outstanding 2010 race season.

For what it’s worth, this bike won the most admired by little girls under 6 category at the last show…most prestigious.

Urban velo gets the photo credit love.

Steven’s Retro 29er:

Steven’s 29er was an execution of full custom design and fabrication, with each component of the build being unique.  Beginning with his desire for a 40′s style Klunker that was as true to the image as possible with modern day amenities.  The frame utilizes a curved and ovalized top tube, hand bent stays, custom designed and machined rear entry dropouts that accommodate geared/single speed/Rohloff use, direct mount front dérailleur and integrated seat post binder.  Accompanying the frame, a custom designed triple crown fork, Luv handle, and custom cranks round out the extras.  With a custom machined cassette to fit 6 cogs on a single speed hub, the rear wheel has the gearing range desired with less dish, rendering not only a stronger wheel but the ability to seamlessly move from geared to single speed without necessitating a separate rear wheel.  A red and white color scheme with hand pinstriped accents finish off the build.  Whew…this one took a while.

Photo credit: Urban Velo…thanks guys

Dirt Road Cruiser:

A desire to explore the country side from asphalt to dirt and an eye to minimal maintenance and maximum comfort, drove the design of this custom bicycle.  A blend of custom tubing, custom split shell eccentric bottom bracket, custom gate passage for belt drive compatibility, and full length cable housing with custom machined cable clamps highlight the fabrication of this frame.  Mate it with a custom stem to position the bars in a comfortable upright position, custom unicrown fork, custom steel cranks, handmade wooden fenders, Rohloff internally geared hub, and a Hawaiian themed paint to round out the touches that make it functional and special.

Retro 29er Klunker:

Lots of good stuff came out of the 30′s and 40′s, some of the highlights are found on this bike; the double top tube bicycle frame, curved tubing, porcelain green enamel paint, and pin up girls.  Blend it with modern day performance items like disc brakes, modular dropouts, 29″ wheels, and the use of titanium in the custom fork and bar and you have a package that carves the trail with style and grace.

The airbrushed ladies don’t hurt the eyes either ;)

Jared’s Fat Repro:

A classic redone, with period geometry, correct tubing, segmented fork with stress tabs, and 90′s inspired paint.  As much fun to ride as it is to look at…vintage doesn’t mean out dated.  That’s what custom means, your dreams take form.  What can I build for you?

Em’s Funky Hippo:

Ladies do not have to sacrifice the positive attributes of a larger wheel with a compromise in design and fit…the 650b platform provides performance for the sub 5’6″ crowd.  This build focused on versatility; custom dropouts that allow for geared or single speed disc use, appropriately proportioned frame for performance trail use and comfortable tooling around with an axle to crown spacing to allow for either 80mm 29er or 100 mm 26″ wheeled suspension forks, custom segmented fork, Luv handlebar for an ergonomic neutral hand position compatible with all shift/brake systems and a sensible component group to allow for upgrades as her skill progresses.  Top it off with a fun paint job featuring a lime sherbet base with funky blue Hippos…who can resist smiling :)