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Engin Cycles:

A love of the bicycle is at the heart and soul of Engin Cycles. Our mission is to build bicycles that appeal to people both as a work of art and as a machine that can be ridden and ridden often.

Each bicycle is built one at a time with a specific rider in mind. People are different, so each frame is different. Design, fit, tubes, construction method and aesthetics are all taken into consideration when building your bicycle.

If you choose to have us build your new bicycle, our passion for the craft and sport will be apparent in every detail…and you will have the pleasure of riding a bicycle unique to you.

Thanks for reading and the support, hope to see you soon.

Drew Guldalian, Builder and Designer Construction

2011 Bikes:
Engin Road:
Engin NAHBS ’09 Single Speed 29er:
Engin Cross:
Engin Cirque du Cyclisme ’09 City Bike:

Best City/Utility 2009 Cirque du Cyclisme

Engin Stainless Single Speed 29er:
Engin NAHBS ’09 29er Single Speed:
ENGIN NAHBS ’09 Dual Suspension 29ER:
Engin Philadelphia Bike Expo ’10 Road:
Engin Philadelphia Bike Expo ’10 29er:
Engin Cross Blue on Blue:
Engin 29er HammerSchmidt 2speed:
Engin NAHBS ’10 Road:
Engin NAHBS ’10 29er Single Speed:

Winner Off-Road category.

Engin NAHBS ’10 29er:
Engin NAHBS ’10 City:
Engin Cross: