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Bio: Christopher Dornbach, A.K.A. DORNBOX. I’ve been fabricating off and on most of my life both personally and professionally. For the bicycle specific¬† goodies, I studied under Tobias Stanton of Hot Tubes and Hot Tubes Jr Development Racing Team. I love bikes as much as I love riding them.

Bike Design: My passions have two wheels but where the rubber hits the road, or the trail, I like to build what I ride… mostly performance road racing bikes and 29er AT bikes… and the occasional CX bike. While everything I build is truly custom, when given the freedom of choice I prefer to tune my bikes with one of my home grown “black bird” geometries. Simply translated, they’re tuned to climb and descend like they have wings! My road bikes are AKA “Grackles”, because they’re cunning ground birds that aren’t afraid to fly. For the Grackle’s geometry, I used the “cultishly” ridden and ridiculously steep hill climbs around Austin Texas as the impetus to design a bike that likes going up because it loves flying down, all while inspiring confidence with it’s bird like agility. My 29ers are lovingly referred to by the locals as “BlackFlys”, after the Maine state bird, because you just can’t shake ‘em in the woods. BlackFlys are 100% New England bred. Designed to keep the rear end sticking to the worst root laden, ice and snow covered, slick, bumpy climbs the North East has to offer while the rest of the bike is kept lively with it’s nimble turning and wrap around felling; Something akin to a big warm fuzzy bear hug. CX Bikes, “funky name to follow in the near future”, are currently offered just the way you like ‘em. This summer our new Team, DORNBOX/GoGo!, will be refining our design philosophy and hope to be proving it at the races this fall!

Stop by the table and say hello or possibly catch me grinding up or bombing down one of the epics on the Tour das Hugel Loop while I’m in town… or just eating tacos at Torchy’s


Christopher Dornbach


2011 Bikes:
The “BlackFlys” are everywhere!:
The “Grackles” are coming!: