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Don Walker Cycles:

Don Walker Cycles is a one man shop with a solid reputation for building high performance bicycle frames. Each frame is handcrafted from start to finish utilizing only the highest quality materials available today. The latest technology tubing offer a variety of options to create a one of a kind machine that blends with your body type and size, to become an efficient, comfortable and beautiful machine. Don Walker Cycles currently offers road, track, tandem, and single speed frames and complete bicycles.

My design experience comes from 10 years as a competitive cyclist with an emphasis on track racing. Riders who trust Don Walker Cycles to give them the ultimate in cycling performance have won numerous District, State, National and International competitions.

My manufacturing experience starts with me being an aircraft mechanic my entire adult life. I have worked on some of the most advanced technological aircraft in the world including the United States Air Force’s B1-b, B-2 and even Navy P3 aircraft. My resume also includes the Learjet model 45 and Challenger 300 series, the most technologically advanced corporate business jets.

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