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In 1978, after several years of supervision and approval of my work at my own company Columbus, Cino Cinelli finally entrusted his company to me before retiring.  My priorities were similar, my vision different, perhaps more radical; the company would take advantage of the aesthetic revolution occurring at Milan to mix together for the first time “Art, Design, Sports, Competition.  We immediately began the “design made in Cinelli” program.

One of my first projects: to hire Italo Lupi, at the time a young emergent architect and graphic designer, to redesign the Cinelli logo and the graphics of Cino’s ingeniously engineered Supercorsa frame, the finest bicycle available in the country at the time.  I remember Cino was a little offended by the modern logo.  But it suited my vision.  More than 30 years on, the frame, both in construction and design, looks fresher than ever, and is considered the high-water mark of design in the cycling world.

In 2006 after a great deal of both manual and technical experimentation by Columbus and  Trafiltubi a new state-of-the-art tubeset, XCR, the only seamless stainless tubes on the market, was born on the factory floor which Cinelli shares with Columbus.  A new revolution.  Cinelli became the first, along with a few special framebuilder friends, to work this material, to articulate this vision of the modern handmade competition bicycle.  So our adventure continues!

Antonio Colombo