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“CCP” MEN’S WEAR is proud to be 100% “Made in Japan”. Our particular world view is expressed through functional design and advanced cutting processes, with no compromise in “Making clothes we ourselves really want to wear”. We will continue to wear our favorite designs, made of our own labors, and ride our BICYCLES into the future. Let’s ride together!!

In the present age, with so many conceivable lifestyle environments, while keeping firmly in mind the fundamental need of clothing design to follow function, we take inspiration from the wide variety of information together with the indispensable stimulation of music, interior design, and pure playtime in delivering our clothes.

Starting in the summer of 2006, we became attracted to the various environmental, health, style, and play aspects of bicycles, and began intensively substituting the bicycle for the car in all our activities, from commuting to business transportation. Of course, our wear naturally evolves in pursuit of the appropriate fit and functionality. We are currently participating in various aspects of bicycling events.