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bronto bikes:

A Manufacturer of Handmade Steel 26er and 29er Singlespeed and Geared Mountain Bikes

Bronto Bikes was born from the passion of riding in the dirt, and riding steel bikes that let you feel the trail. Hand-made, tig-welded mountain bikes manufactured in the Springfield, Oregon.

What’s different about Bronto? For starters, we only make mountain bikes. No fixies. No townies. No cross bikes. Just machines designed for devouring singletrack, which is what we love to do most when we’re not selling bikes. We’re based in Central Oregon and just a stone’s throw from Oakridge, OR – basically we’re in the middle of the best riding on the planet.

But we’re also about making beautiful bikes here in the US. Every step of creating a Bronto frame, from tube cutting and bending to powder-coating, is done in-house. Our crowded little shop has all the tools needed to build frames – from jigs, to CNC, lathe, drill press, and a bunch of other manly tools and machines. And of course, a disco ball and rather fine vinyl collection.

If you’re in the area come and join us for a ride!

The Bikes

Bronto make 3 models to cater to different riding environments and styles. Take a look at our stable of fine, trail-shredding bikes.


Pure 26″ cross country. Ride it fully rigid or suspended, single or geared. It doesn’t get any more MTB than this.
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Our geared 29er is a thing of beauty. Our geometry basically rules and, well, it looks good, too. Riding it is a spiritual thing.
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For those who go their own way, here it is, the big steak. Willy is our 29er single speed.
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The Bronto Mtb. Co. Website

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2011 Bikes:

The Bronto Bon is our 26″ XC bike. For trail riding, racing, single speeding, and all-purpose mountain biking. With a geometry to tame any climb or descent, this is your main go-to bike.

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Our geared 29er, the Reverend, will have you seeing the light. Big steel tubes, big room for tires, big wheels, and a little derailleur hanger sticking off the end. 29ers are fantastic, you can ride them just about anywhere. Rocky and technical? Check. Smooth and flowy? Check. Just stay away from dirt jumping.

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UDO Fork:

Brand new from Bronto – bad-ass cromo UDO forks!

The UDO fork has been built and tested. Not only does it look cool, it rides cool as well. 26er forks are ready to build, with 29er forks coming not long afterwards. We went with a segmented fork design, it looks burly and it is. These will come stock in matte black, or to perfectly match your frame when ordered together.

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Willy is our pure single speed 29er. Due to the additional clearance required for a front derailleur with 29ers, we are able to shorten up the chain stays a touch on our single speed. This will help the riding characteristics and help you grind up those hills.

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