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Bamboosero is a group of independent bamboo frame builders throughout the developing world. People from Ghana, Zambia, Uganda, The Philippines, and other countries were taught by Craig Calfee on his techniques for joining specially treated bamboo with epoxy soaked wraps of natural fiber. Each builder works with their own local bamboo and local fiber. They impart their own style to the frames and offer them for sale to the local market or through  Every frame is stress tested and all export frames are inspected by Craig Calfee or one of his specially trained representatives.

Calfee started Bamboosero with the idea that teaching somebody to build bikes is a long-term solution that can have a lasting impact. The Bamboosero idea is simple: connect bike builders in developing countries with bike buyers and allows bamboo frames to be made available at more affordable prices.  Buying a Bamboosero bike helps working families support themselves, injects badly needed foreign currency into struggling economies and creates the production capacity for an incredibly efficient local transport – bicycles!

2011 Exhibitor News:
Bamboo bike stands:

Bamboosero’s bamboo bike stands built in Ghana have huge potential. It’s another product for export – a source of revenue for fledgling businesses and their employees in developing economies. Always a hit at the expos – the stands add class-with-function to bicycle storage and renders obsolete the potentially disastrous wall-lean.

All the Calfee Design and Bamboosero bamboo bikes will sit on the bamboo bike stands. The stagger well for retail and expo use. This year left over stands will be available for sale to builders, retailers or the rider that wants an elegant way to store their bike in the apartment.

2011 Bikes:
New Zealand City:
Bamboosero City Bike:

City model

Frame $695

Complete bike $1395 as shown

Ghanaian Mountain Bike Frame:

Frame cost $695