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Appleman Bicycles:

This will be my first trip to NAHBS!  I am really looking forward to sharing my custom carbon fiber bikes with Austin, Tx.

Appleman Bicycles is a one man shop that builds handmade custom carbon fiber bicycle frames in Minneapolis, Minnesota!  Every frame enjoys a custom made tubeset, proprietary layup, and unique fabrication parameters to provide a fun, durable, efficient ride!

Bicycles are my passion. Riding, racing, and building bikes are what I do.  After racing road and track for ten years, an injury limited my performance.  I started building custom bikes to accommodate my injury and allow for a proper, low stress fit.

Carbon fiber is my obsession. In college, I earned a degree in  Composite Materials Engineering.  I have worked in the aerospace, wind energy, and epoxy formulation industries as a composite materials engineer.  I understand both the theory and real world use of composites and how they apply to bicycles.

When I bring my cycling experience and carbon fiber passion together, I am a custom handmade carbon fiber bicycle builder.  I apply proprietary carbon fiber layups, materials, and processes to give you a custom, efficient, and comfortable ride.

- Matt Appleman