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Six-Eleven Bicycle Co.:

Imparting ingenuity into each and every frame, Six-Eleven Bicycle Co. offers each rider a unique work of exquisite craftsmanship.  In the hands of a good a builder, a custom steel bike can be light enough to race yet strong enough for touring, and by fully understanding the rider’s style, builder Aaron Dykstra will craft a balance of strength and comfort that can only come from custom design.  From 29ers to track bikes, each 611 frame is hand mitered, ensuring matchless precision.

Inspired by the bygone era of steam locomotives, this Roanoke, VA based shop takes pride in the artistry of working with steel.  Roanoke was once known for its hardworking residents who fortified the town with their railroading prowess; but as steam gave way to diesel, the town’s heritage was all but forgotten. With a nod to the past and a focus on quality, Aaron founded his shop just a stone’s throw away from from its namesake, Roanoke’s Great 611 J-Class steam engine.

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