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President (and founder): Don Walker (Speedway, IN)
Convention Manager: Robin Rinehart, Meetings and More (Sacramento, CA)
Exhibitor Manager:  Lesley Schommer (Speedway, IN)
Media/Public Relations manager: Paul Skilbeck, O2 Active Marketing (San Francisco, CA)
Website manager: Todd Heckeler, Consume Design (Cleveland, OH)
Graphic designers: Christine Hartman (Indianapolis, IN), Nick Uni (Philadelphia, PA)
Photographer: Brad Quartuccio, Urban Velo (Pittsburg, PA)
Show guide: Secret Agent Publishing (Gunnison, CO)

NAHBS Office
1432 Main St,
PO BOX 24185
Speedway, IN 46224

phone: (+1)317-731-4040
fax: (+1)317-731-4044

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